Introducing the Podcast: Lost Voices

Introducing the Podcast: Lost Voices
Episode 1: We're All Archivists, if You Think About it
Episode 2: Value Can't be Accepted at Face Value
Episode 3: I am Nothing Without my Oral History
Episode 4: Your Lived Experiences Matter

Follow along with host Alisha Sawhney as she speaks with archivists, librarians, family members, journalists, and academics about archiving and memory, and how this plays a role in how we value and relate to archival materials. Alisha introduces us to the Gwilim Archives, and goes further to learn about how the Canadian South Asian diaspora are building their own archives. She explores how members of this community are actively creating new archiving strategies and spaces as well as playing key roles in reimagining institutional archives in Canada. Listen in as she asks questions like "What will historians say about the digital remnant we are leaving behind on Social media?", and "Can reframing the Gwillim Archive through South Asian voices serve as a starting point to bring more diverse voices into understanding the past?".

Meet Alisha Sawhney

Portrait of Alisha Sawhney

Alisha is passionate about how we consume news online, and loves experimenting with new social platforms and storytelling formats that cut through the noise to stand a chance at survival in the attention economy and have a lasting impact. When she is not hosting podcasts that speak to second-generation Millennials, she is a Staff Editor with the New York Times Opinion section.

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